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Connect with others in beautiful shared spaces

Dynamic spaces and private retreats

The Alba Apartments allows you to stay connected to everything that matters so you can live well every day. We’ve created a variety of spaces where people can come together to enjoy each other’s company and share a sense of belonging.

Invite family and friends over

Every shared space at The Alba Apartments is designed to be an extension of your home. That’s why there’s plenty of room — and so many different spaces within the community and The Albert Park Lake Precinct — in which to have family and friends over.

Spaces that put people first

We’ve designed spaces that consider how the human mind and body work; the effect that natural light, access to views of nature and fresh air have on our wellbeing, and how the flow of spaces work for the people who live there.

These include residents’ lounges, recreation, art and games rooms, in-house cinema and ground floor café. On the rooftop is the restaurant serving meals every day, library, games room and the lounge bar and barbecue terrace. Come up and experience this unique, open air environment with magnificent views of the Melbourne skyline or Albert Park Lake.

Connected to nature

At The Alba Apartments, vertical greenery, garden spaces and plantings bring nature closer and contribute to your wellbeing. These thoughtful shared spaces and private retreats help you stay connected and ensure you can look forward to living well every day.

Views in every direction

The rooftop recreation deck and terrace with residents’ lounge, library, pool table, multi-purpose room and restaurant. Enjoy these gorgeous spaces and the breathtaking views with your family and friends.

Spaces for wellbeing, so you can thrive

Consulting suites, massage and therapy rooms

State-of-the-art rehabilitation gym and group activity room

Hairdressing and beauty therapy rooms

The Healthy Ageing Studio is open to the local community