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Our assisted living community supports older people every day.

Feel independent, live on your terms

Assisted Living is about living in your own home, where everything is as you like it. It’s about living on your terms. At Albert Park Lake, we’ve designed a whole community – called The Alba Apartments – that supports you to make these choices. It’s called Assisted Living because it’s designed to support you as you need it, day in, day out.

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Belong to a wonderful community

The Alba Apartments provides the finer options in Assisted Living; a place that celebrates you and the things you like to do. In sharing your life experiences with others in the community, warm relationships are formed. Knowing you are supported by our on-site team members and feeling you belong to a vibrant community brings a welcome sense of comfort and security as you look forward to the years ahead.

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Bringing people together

To enhance connection with one another, we’ve designed spaces that consider how the human mind and body work; the effect that natural light, access to views of nature and fresh air have on our wellbeing, and how the flow of spaces work for the people who live there. These include residents’ lounges, recreation, art and games rooms, in-house cinema and ground floor café. Sitting atop it all is the glorious rooftop space, with the restaurant serving lunches and dinners every day, library, games room and the lounge bar and barbecue terrace.

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A lifestyle that brings joy, where friends and family belong

With our support on-hand, you have more quality time for yourself; for family and friends. You can move into the future, knowing that life will be as you want it to be.

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Better Together® design

Using our award-winning Better Together® design principles, every aspect at The Alba Apartments has been highly considered. Every space has been designed to enhance how you live, with bespoke support on-hand.